Goodbye, Facebook (Sort Of)

A few days ago I decided to deactivate my Facebook account.  I don’t smoke but I guess I can compare it to quitting cigarettes.  I am feeling withdrawal symptoms, but I manage to control it.  It was a decision brought about by a misunderstanding I had with my husband regarding a random post I made.  I never thought a frivolous thing such as a photograph would cause us to have a misunderstanding, but it made me realize that people, even those closest to you, sometimes have wrong interpretations of what you post. I felt like I was betrayed by Facebook.  All is well now between hubby and me but it had got me thinking that I should not spend any more time on it–time which should be spent on things more productive, on my husband, on my kids, my cooking/baking and on sewing–an emerging hobby…Not that I spend a great amount of time on FB (I don’t play the games, I only read messages from friends and post occasionally) but I felt that I should spend the time that I spend there with those most important to me.  If not 100%, at least close to that.  (FYI, spending time writing this blog is my “me” time, only when the kids and hubby are asleep).

I have reactivated my Facebook today, only to post links to this blog and for friends to send messages on my iPhone.  Now, with Facebook virtually out, I was left with my twitter and Pinterest 😀 and this blog

I have been in twitter at around the same time that I have been on Facebook, but I think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t get it.  I post a tweet yet I feel no one gives a sh-t about it.  It feels so pathetic.  Pinterest is more to my liking since it’s about 90% pictures, and I love pictures coz I’m a photographer-at-heart.  Somehow, Pinterest appealed to me, in such a way that I get visual input regarding some ideas stuck on my head.  Some things which I thought were impossible to do were actually do-able, and there are photos to prove!  One pin that caught my attention was from the blog Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom.  The word “no-sew” made it really attractive!

It just so happens that I have a canvass tote lying around the house which I sometimes use as an eco-bag for grocery shopping.  It has a logo of a phone company in the center and the ruffles  will be great for covering it.

canvass tote bag with the markings for the ruffles

I don’t have any scrap cloths so I charmed my husband to crive me to 100 yen shop to get the materials (floral hagire/cut cloth, glue gun, ribbons)

floral-print hagire

I also did not have pinking shears so I had to look and order for a cheap one online at Rakuten.  Until it arrives, my project is on hold.  I’ll post photos as soon as I get it done.


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