My Next Project

After the tote bag project I found myself hungry for my next project.  If I had started this blog 2 years ago, I would have written about baking.  But my zeal for that has started to wane, with some family members (my mom and my husband) starting to diet.  For whom shall I bake now?  I love baking but only for those I love.  Recently, I have been itching to make my own clothes, since I find it hard to buy clothes that exactly fit me, having a petite body frame.  It’s easier for me to find my size at the teens section but the designs and style are way too cute for a middle-aged like me.  So for my next project I went to for suggestions, and these were what I found and they seem so easy to make even for a first-timer.

The last time I sewed something I was able to actually wear was in high school–a blue ruffled apron.

 But I still know how to thread a sewing machine and use one to sew the hem of some of my clothes, so I shall do this!  Note to self:  Have these tops ready by summer.


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