Ever since I laid my eyes on kokedamas or Japanese moss balls (“Koke” means moss and “dama” means ball) in the flower shop I frequent, I fell in love with them. it’s definitely a cheap alternative to bonsais. Though I’ve never tried to, they are quite easy to make if you have the right materials. There are instructions in this blog on how to make and care for them. Since I can easily buy them here, I keep on deferring plans making my own kokedama. They are really cute and perfect indoor plants (moss cannot tolerate direct sunlight). Once the soil becomes dry, they are soaked in water upto just before the main stem of the plant. You know you’re done when the tiny air bubbles have stopped coming out. Give them a little squeeze to drain the excess water from the soil, then place them on a ceramic plate or any flat vessel of your choice and place in your favorite part of the room to enjoy the simple beauty of your kokedama plant.

My husband has crazy thoughts that I sometimes talk to my plants…silly!

soaking my kokedama in water
me holding my kokedama

2 thoughts on “Kokedama

  1. Hi My, I've never seen those (kokedamas) before. They do look quite similar to bonsais and are very interesting and cute. 🙂 Keep it up.

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