Chicken tinola (with togan and spinach)

Mada, mada, samui desu! These long winters really make me crave for hot soup and rice…So I prepared Chicken tinola for dinner. Chicken tinola is a Filipino dish–chicken ginger soup with green papayas and pepper leaves. It’s very easy to cook and I think every Filipino household in the world cooks this at least once a month. But in Japan, papayas are a rarity, so I have to improvise. The closest to papayas I could find here are the Okinawan togan or winter melon (which is a rather ironic name for it coz it’s a seasonal summer vegetable, and weird that I found it in the supermarket today).

And, chili pepper leaves are not sold in the supermarkets here so it’s either I maintain a chili pepper plant in our backyard or, again, improvise by using what’s available.  Usually it’s spinach.

If you’re not a Filipino and are curious about the recipe, you can find it here

I substituted the wintermelon for the papaya and the spinach for the chili pepper leaves. Here’s what I made…

Now, where’s my rice? Itadakimasu


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