A Day at Aichi ken Gymnasium (愛知県体育館)

Yesterday, I went to my eldest son’s table tennis tournament (boys-team competition).  He did good, won two games.  But his other teammates  weren’t very lucky so the team placed only 16th overall.  Still, I’m proud of him 🙂  Here’s a video of him playing (he’s the one in blue).
I watched and took videos of his game until 1 pm…Got hungry around 12 so I went out of the building, thinking of having sushi at first but I decided to not go very far and just eat at the gymnasium’s cafeteria where I had miso tonkatsu tei-shoku.

The meal was okay and very filling 🙂 but quite expensive at 850 yen.  The place had very nice  lighting, and since such details appeal to me aesthetically, I just had to take a picture 🙂  The shot was quite good, being taken with my iPhone 4.  Wish I had my dslr with me, though.

On the way home, while waiting for the bus, I passed by Maruzen and bought these sewing books.

Tanya Whelan’s book really has some very interesting projects like bags and dresses that I can’t wait to try.  I’m so excited!

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