My Own Sewing Machine (or my new best friend)

After years of using the hand-me-down from my grandmother, which gave me so much frustration, I finally got my own sewing machine…It just arrived today.  When I took it out of the box, it looked scary, being computerized, having very few buttons and just a touch panel and all the extras like an assortment of presser foots. Coming from an old special-feature-lacking one, I am now introduced to a totally different machine!  But, complicated as it looks, don’t be fooled because it is actually very easy to operate.  The touch panel shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to thread and wind wind a bobbin.  Wow!  It threads the needle by itself! If you’re a sewist, you’ll know how this simple step can take quite a while and even be frustrating at times.  Plus, the motor is  soooo silent I shall be able to sew in the evening even when my kittens are asleep.  Time for me to sit down now and start my long line of projects waiting to be done like bags, dresses and tops!  Wish me luck…


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