Weekend Sewing 4: The Most Flattering Shirt Dress

Here’s something I finished sewing last weekend, which actually took a week to make because I had to wait for the very important elastic thread to arrive in my mail. I wasn’t able to find one at the fabric store I went to so I had to order online. I got the elastic thread within the week.

with a teal camisole and accessories!

FYI, eldest son took these pictures of his mommy.  So sweet, isn’t he? But, of course, it was not without the usual grunts of protest from him…”What?… But, mom!… Tsk!… Oh, alright! Whole body or half?”

This is officially my very first handmade dress!   Continue reading


Treeless In Toyoyama

Just posting an update regarding my last post about our Nihon Matsu (Japanese pine tree).

It’s gone…

When I came home for lunch all that was left was a stump just above its roots encircled by my gazanias.

Was this a surprise by my husband who has been procrastinating for years to cut it???

Hell, no! Actually, I had it done…I settled for the easy way. For 3000 yen, a group of still very able septuagenarians in our town’s silver human resource center called シルバーさん  (silver san) chopped it off this morning and took care of the disposal.  I’ve heard about them before but never thought of seeking their service for cutting our tree until a Japanese friend suggested them to me a week ago. 3,000 yen costs a lot but is very reasonable and much cheaper than having my husband take a leave from work for a day just to chop the tree to pieces so that they would fit in ordinary garbage bags.  And, at least, I got to help out our ojii-sans by giving them work for a day…

Our front yard looks very different now, somewhat bare.  Should I plant another tree?

Curtain Restoration: Appliqué

I worked on an old sheer curtain that we’ve had for 6 years. It was so cute, cost only 100 yen at that time, but years of washing it made it lose some of its appliques  . We can’t find the same kind of fabric and style for sale anywhere anymore, but I really like it so I decided to restore it by adding appliques to replace those that were lost. Continue reading

Weekend Sewing 3: Ruffled Tab Top Curtain

My mom bought a small semi-sheer floral nylon fabric from 100 yen shop which she thought would be perfect for our pink-tiled toilet. She handed over the fabric to me last Sunday with a specification that “it has to have a tab top style!” Such a demand to a novice like me… I’m surprised that my mom has such faith that I could sew one even though I’ve only just been sewing for as long as I’ve had this blog. Well, it took me about a week to think of how I would do it and I was able to make it this afternoon. I did not have any kind of pattern. I just took the width and length of the window (31″ X 18″), cut and hemmed the body, made the tab strips and a ruffle strip (62″) which I pinned evenly on the top and on the bottom, respectively, no measuring done. Here is what came out of it, simple, easy to make, and cute.