Weekend Sewing 2 (and a Game of Thrones): Table Napkins and Pillowcase Tunic

Today was a not so busy housekeeping Sunday for me.  I just “leisurely” vacuum-cleaned the house, did the laundry and prepared my eldest son’s packed lunch for his table tennis tournament in Tokoname. Could appear hectic for some but that’s the “not busy” for me because I did not cook lunch. For lunch, my youngest and I just went to the mall and had sushi at Maruchu.   Not having to cook meant no cleaning up in the kitchen so, in the afternoon, I was able to give my sewing machine some airing.  I made these table napkins for Vito which he will be using during school lunches

and this simple white pillowcase tunic with a faux satin sash in green which I plan to wear as soon as the weather gets warmer (which I think would look great with leggings)

 I applied everything I learned online in sewing a style like this and, as the other bloggers have said, it is indeed very easy to make. Of course I had already pre-cut the fabric patterns nights before so today I just had to feed them to my “Brother” and seam the pieces together. I used a cotton fabric instead of knit and I had to cut it a little smaller than the measurement in the tutorial of Sweet Verbena in order to suit my petite frame.

In a little while, after looking for half an hour for working links,I shall be able to watch, finally, the new season episodes of Game of Thrones online.   HBO is not offered by cable TV companies in Japan so I have to leech the Internet. It’s such an amazing series and I got really hooked last season 1.  It took a year of waiting so you can just imagine how I’m drooling over it right now.

I guess all these is the after-effect of a self-imposed brain vacation from Facebook. Prior to that I would never have dreamt of sewing stuffs like this. So if this effect on me scares you, or you think I’m going nuts, please don’t attempt to quit Facebook like I did. 😀


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