Weekend Sewing 3: Ruffled Tab Top Curtain

My mom bought a small semi-sheer floral nylon fabric from 100 yen shop which she thought would be perfect for our pink-tiled toilet. She handed over the fabric to me last Sunday with a specification that “it has to have a tab top style!” Such a demand to a novice like me… I’m surprised that my mom has such faith that I could sew one even though I’ve only just been sewing for as long as I’ve had this blog. Well, it took me about a week to think of how I would do it and I was able to make it this afternoon. I did not have any kind of pattern. I just took the width and length of the window (31″ X 18″), cut and hemmed the body, made the tab strips and a ruffle strip (62″) which I pinned evenly on the top and on the bottom, respectively, no measuring done. Here is what came out of it, simple, easy to make, and cute.


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