Weekend Sewing 4: The Most Flattering Shirt Dress

Here’s something I finished sewing last weekend, which actually took a week to make because I had to wait for the very important elastic thread to arrive in my mail. I wasn’t able to find one at the fabric store I went to so I had to order online. I got the elastic thread within the week.

with a teal camisole and accessories!

FYI, eldest son took these pictures of his mommy.  So sweet, isn’t he? But, of course, it was not without the usual grunts of protest from him…”What?… But, mom!… Tsk!… Oh, alright! Whole body or half?”

This is officially my very first handmade dress!  and I’m so proud of it.  I got the tutorial from prudentbaby.com.  It’s just two rectangular pieces of fabric, with openings for the neck and arms, sewn together at the shoulders and sides, and shirred at the waist with elastic thread. Without the shirring it would look like a tent, that’s why the elastic thread is very important in making this dress. According to the blog author, it’s flattering because: V-necks take the attention away from your giant post-baby boobs, and a shirred waist is never too tight and can be placed at your skinniest part (flabby baby belly=hidden).” I don’t have giant post-baby boobs (Geddemit! How I wish I had them!), but a small waist I do have, plus, in the tutorial it says I can totally make this, so I took the challenge of making one for me, be it flattering or not.

In the tutorial, gauze fabric was used. I used a similar fabric, a very nice Japanese double gauze fabric from Nani Iro 2012 collection (Melody Sketch) which is very soft and easy to work on. I just learned that this double gauze fabric was invented by the Japanese. It’s two layers of gauze fabrics sewn together with tiny stitches that are visible only on the wrong side. This is my first time to have worn something made of it and I really LOVE it because it is very comfortable, cool and light. I think this style and double gauze is the perfect combination for the summer–when I absolutely hate wearing jeans or pants.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve only just been sewing as a weekend hobby for the past two months–a diversion from Facebook. I had a hard time particularly with the bias tape on the neckline, forgetting to clip notches on the curves and the tip of the V-neck so there are some ripples visible up-close.  Otherwise, it was a really easy project for a beginner like me!  I plan to make another one in printed cotton fabric.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing 4: The Most Flattering Shirt Dress

  1. wow! that dress is super impressive! I once wanted to sew a dress, but I was so intimidated by the pattern that I used the fabric to sew a bag instead! I can't wait to see what you make next! 😉

  2. Thank you, Kelly, for the compliment. I am just new at all this sewing stuff and still discovering things along the way. I know how you felt when you attempted to sew a dress…patterns can be so intimidating especially when there are a lot for just one project. That is why I chose to make this one–just two pieces of fabric sewn together using no pattern, just a dress on hand that fits you well. Maybe as I get better I might try more complicated ones. But please don't expect too much because I might disappoint you. But, I'll try to do my best! You're the author of Mottainai blog, right? I hope you get to post soon. And, I hope we could meet, too, someday!

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