A New Toy for the Big Boys

My husband got his trike a few days ago and so here they are, the 2 big boys, trying it out around our block, with the engine whirring away a sound resembling that of a helicopter’s.  I told my husband that I think he needs a helipad!  I sure do hope that we receive no complaints from neighbors about the noise.

This trike is a 250cc Keeway V-thunder previously owned by my my cousin, who upgraded to a newer, gold-colored, slightly bigger type.  It’s less than a year old. It didn’t cost us much, except fees for the registration and transfer of ownership, because it was traded for our Suzuki Wagon R which is a lightweight-vehicle–a CAR! With air-conditioning, a necessity in the coming summer months!

So you see, I am so perplexed why my husband would trade his car for a motorcycle.  Well, I guess sometimes when you really want something you just got to have it without even thinking. We still have a van, though (Honda Stepwagon).  I asked him why he wanted a trike and his reasons were:   needs very little gas, cheaper vehicle ownership tax, low-maintenance, helmet not required, 2 people can ride etcetera, etcetera.  Best reason he gave, though, was the last–so that we have an excuse to go out on a date without having to bring the whole troop , just the two of us, since it can only carry one passenger! Desu yo?


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