Weekend Sewing 5: Free pdf patterns

I had a busy weekend, vacuum-cleaning and getting the ever-daunting folding of clothes done.  But, I still found the time late Sunday afternoon to sew some easy patterns I found in the internet to practice cutting patterns and sewing straight seams.

The first was this Buttercup bag from Made by Rae using scrap fabric I cut from our bedroom curtain which I re-hemmed to match the length of our window.


I hand-sewed some extra pearl beads in the center for accent instead of the buttons suggested in the pattern.  In my opinion, this bag is too small because it can only carry my iPhone, wallet, and keys.  It’s OK because it’s just scrap fabric I used and I don’t think I’ll be using it anyway unless I want to carry around a curtain print bag with me. I saw some other revisions of this bag making the dimensions bigger by photocopying the patterns to 125%.  I think I shall do that next time and get some really nice fabric because it’s really easy to sew and the pattern is very nice.  I might also add embellishments and zipper instead of the magnetic snaps.

The second was this fabric headband from Happy Together using scrap fabric from my ruffled tote project.


Both patterns are free and were very easy to sew.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing 5: Free pdf patterns

  1. Hi My! You’re blog makes my day! Thanks for sharing. Nice bag too! I cant wait to see u make the bigger one then send it to me!!! 🙂

    • HibVanny. I already have some nice fabric for the bigger version of the bag! I just have to find the time to make it, maybe next week because I am busy this weekend. I’ll be posting it here, too! Thank you for visiting my blog…When I started this I wasn’t really sure anybody would take the time to read it. Haha! Thank you!

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