Weekend Sewing 6: Buttercup Bag (Big Version) and Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Accent

I just finished the bigger version of the Buttercup Bag!  I used a nice cherry print cotton fabric for the outer and a red cotton broadcloth for the lining.  I made some changes by putting piping on the pleats which makes the bag pretty and neat-looking.  I also sewed the handles in between the bag outer and lining instead of sewing it on the outer.  I did not put magnetic snaps but reinforced the outer top with thick interfacing.


What was really fun to do was the flower accent that I made using the outer and lining fabrics cut  in 9 cm squares and folded like the traditional Japanese kanzashi flowers.


Kanzashi flowers are a Japanese art form traditionally made with honotai silk to give them a dazzling color and lovely texture.  However, many modern versions of these delicate flowers are created with a wide range of fabrics.  These are typically worn as decorative hair ornaments in traditional Japanese hairstyles.  Brides and geisha participating in tea ceremonies to this day can be seen wearing this elegant accessory, the style and manner of which indicate a geisha’s status.

The flower was very easy to make, I just followed a tutorial from youtube and folded the fabrics away just like origami paper.


I secured them first with pins to hold the shape then secured the pieces in alternating fashion with thread

 I used the back pin of an old, ugly, never used brooch which I secured on the back of the kanzashi flower with glue gun.

I glued a button from an old blouse I don’t wear anymore on red felt which I cut and also glued in the center to cover the central ends of the flower.


SO PRETTY!  I love it!


I sewed a large pocket with a division in the middle on lining at the back portion of the bag which can hold an iPhone and keys.


And that’s it!  My big buttercup bag…but my mom owns it now because I gave it to her.   I’ll make another one in blue floral print for me!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing 6: Buttercup Bag (Big Version) and Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Accent

  1. Luv it My! Ang tsaga mo naman! I’m sure you’re mom is loving it! Ok so after your blue one akin naman??!! 🙂

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