Weekend Sewing 7: A Birthday Present for Yuria

Vito’s friend, Yuria, celebrated her birthday today with a barbecue party at their house. She and Vito have known each other and have been playmates since they were infants, and is considered almost a part of our family. She would always say that when they grow up she and Vito would get married! Of course she is really too young to know what she’s talking about. Well, little girls really start young with the “getting married” thoughts and I blame it on the fairy tales we girls are exposed to at a very young age. Vito, on the other hand, just gives her a blank look whenever she would say that they would “kekkon”, as though he doesn’t hear her, and gets back to playing with his Nintendo 3DS.

So, I made a present for her, the buttercup bag small version, which I did this afternoon for just 3 hours including the kanzashi flower! This is my 3rd time to make it and I guess the past weeks of sewing practice really did help…My mom babysits Yuria sometimes when her mom has to go somewhere and she says that the little girl loves bags. I must say, this bag is just really the perfect gift for little girls! When she opened her present first thing she said was “KAWAI!!” (CUTE) and she skipped around their garden showing it to her guests. Here are pictures of her really happy about her present…

Image Image Image



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