Weekend Sewing 8: Finally, A Bag For Me!

If ever I do have fans of my blogging and sewing right now, I guess my number one fan would be my husband. One time when he came home from work on a Saturday he asked, “What did you make today?” I was really surprised that he was asking because it meant that he actually reads my blog.  He has been very encouraging when it comes to my crafts and sewing, sometimes driving me or accompanying me on his trike to 100 yen shop and fabric sores to get supplies. His appreciation of what I do makes my hobby all the more enjoyable and something I look forward to on weekends when I have the time.

So I was quite sad that last week I wasn’t able to sew or make craft, hence, no blog post. But the whole week this week I was able to get through step by step with my project each day…cutting patterns on Monday, cutting pattern on fabric on Tuesday, pressing interfacing on fabric on Wednesday, pinning, etc…So today I was able to take out the sewing machine and make the buttercup bag for myself! Finally, after making one for my mom and my son’s playmate.


I used wood handles this time, recycled from an old, never used, hideous-looking black bag my mom gave me years ago because she didn’t like it too. Good thing I didn’t throw it away because now I made good use of it.  It looks quite big for the bag, though, so I’m thinking on stocking up with some handles for future projects.  Can you see the fabric button I made in the center of the kanzashi fabric flower?   I chose this blue leaf print fabric because it looks perfect for the summer with my everyday wear which is usually denim shorts and white 3/4 sleeve shirt.  I’m also thinking of making a matching fabric belt and earrings!  Oooohh!


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