Zippered Buttercup Bag with Fabric Yo-yos

Yes, this is another buttercup bag. And, no, I’m not yet tired of making bags out of this pattern. It’s a perfect pattern to practice on and try variations. This time I was brave and confident enough of my sewing skills to add a zipper to it!

It’s not just a zipper, it’s a RECESSED ZIPPER which I think is a milestone for a self-taught sewist like me (and maybe one that makes me deserve a pat on the back?  No?)  Well, it is really much better than the magnetic snap, in my opinion, and it’s cheaper. I also made two straps, front and back, instead of just one at the sides. And because I’ve been meaning to try making fabric yoyos, I finally did it!

Aren’t they just the cutest little things?

This bag goes to Aunt number 2 who celebrates her birthday tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Zippered Buttercup Bag with Fabric Yo-yos

    • Thank you for appreciating even though I am still a newbie in sewing. I think I have to work on my top stitching next…practice, practice 🙂

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