DIY Fabric labels


As you have seen, I’ve been sewing these bags as gifts, each of which I think are very special if you consider the time and effort I spend in making them. You should consider yourself a very special person to me if you receive one of the things I make :D. They are certainly not the Louis Vuittons or Chanels you so desire but I do think there is a different kind of joy in receiving such handmade gifts.

So, I just thought it would be much nicer to add a really personal touch to each creation by attaching a label or logo that says it’s unique and made by me. But I don’t have professional software nor any budget or experience in making such.  I figured maybe I could find some do it yourself tutorials in the Net…and I certainly did!  I  found a good one at Sewdelicious.

It’s one of the easiest and cheapest , in my opinion, because the template was done using a web-based software like Picmonkey. All you need is a printer and iron-on fabric or print sheet made for your printer and a little creativity.

Here’s what I made…


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