DIY Fabric Yo-yo Necklace

I have this red knit tunic which had a very nice shade of red with some luster in the fibers.  When it was brand new it looked great.  But, after washing it, somehow it stretched in all directions that it looks more like an over-sized dress on me now.  I can’t wear it anymore.  I was thinking of upcycling it into a shirt but was hesitant that it would just stretch further.  So I just set it aside until I found some other purpose for it.

When I made a bag for my aunt with the fabric yo-yos,  I remembered about the red knit fabric of my tunic and thought that it would be great to work on for the yo-yos.  So I did just that today…At first I was planning on making some and store them for future bag projects but  had an idea that they would be nice as accessories too!  I have very few red in my wardrobe which are mostly blacks and whites so adding a splash of red through accessories would put some statement to them.

For the fabric yo-yo necklace I used:

red knit fabric (my tunic)

pearl beads (different sizes)

circle templates (small and big)

needle and coordinating thread for the fabric

felt for the backing

glue gun

jump rings to connect fabric yo-yos to chain

suede or chain with adjustable lobster clasp

just a teeny weeny bit of creativity

First I traced the circular templates on the fabric, 2 small and 3 big ones.  Then I folded the edges and chain-stitched all around, pulling the thread afterwards to gather the fabric.

I flattened the fabric secured the thread on the back and sewed a pearl bead in the center.  I  did the same to all the other pieces and connected each of them with thread and pasted them on felt backing with glue gun.

I then secured the jump rings to the ends of the felt and attached the suede cord with lobster clasp.



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