About “Me, A Cranberry Ale”

No, this is not a blog about liquor.  I’ve never drank beer and refuse any drink offered to me if it contains even the slightest amount of alcohol.  Although I’ve tried tequila and tequila-based cocktails back in college, (I admit, they were fantastic!)  and I also have the traditional yearly glass of sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve because my husband would prompt me, “For Chrissakes, drink!  It’s New Year’s!  Don’t be a party-pooper.”  But, having a father who was best friends with Johnnie Walker, Remy Martin, and San Miguel who backstabbed him by giving him liver cancer, why would I be good friends with such folks?  So then, why,you might ask, would I be fussing with the name “Me, A Cranberry Ale” for my blog?

Writing a blog is hard enough and thinking of a unique name for it can squeeze out the creative side of you.  ME, A CRANBERRY ALE is just an anagram of my name, the best I came up with one  rainy day while I was listening to Imogen Heap’s songs and afterwards realizing that her album title “I, Megaphone) was an anagram of her name.  I thought it was cool to have an anagram and to make and find your own that made some sense, just like hers.  It was either that or ARMY LANCE BEARER, which isn’t very nice.  And, I am a 90’s kid…I loved the Cranberries!  (By the way, during that time I also came up with an anagram for my husband–BRAVE IRON LAD–which really suits him).

So I hope you won’t expect to read about cocktail mixes and stuff here. It’s just an anagram of my name.  But since I don’t plan to write about just a particular thing, I just might have entries regarding drinks too in the future.  But for now it will be mostly stuff I do or am busy with as a mom, wife, photographer, baker, gardener, and budding sewing enthusiast.  Have a good day! And try to make your own anagram too!


2 thoughts on “About “Me, A Cranberry Ale”

  1. I love this page. Very nice. I wish I would have thought of this when I was stumped for a blog name.

    I noticed you are/were in Japan. We used to live in japan too (for 6 years). We are back in the states now though.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Oh – thanks for “liking” my post.

    • Thank you for the very nice comment. I still live here in Japan, in Nagoya Aichi prefecture. It’s so nice to connect with a fellow-blogger who has lived here, too. I hope you come visit the country again someday. I browsed through your blog too! Great posts!

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