Zippered Buttercup Bag with Fabric Yo-yos

Yes, this is another buttercup bag. And, no, I’m not yet tired of making bags out of this pattern. It’s a perfect pattern to practice on and try variations. This time I was brave and confident enough of my sewing skills to add a zipper to it!

It’s not just a zipper, it’s a RECESSED ZIPPER which I think is a milestone for a self-taught sewist like me (and maybe one that makes me deserve a pat on the back?  No?)  Well, it is really much better than the magnetic snap, in my opinion, and it’s cheaper. I also made two straps, front and back, instead of just one at the sides. And because I’ve been meaning to try making fabric yoyos, I finally did it!

Aren’t they just the cutest little things?

This bag goes to Aunt number 2 who celebrates her birthday tomorrow…


Weekend Sewing 7: A Birthday Present for Yuria

Vito’s friend, Yuria, celebrated her birthday today with a barbecue party at their house. She and Vito have known each other and have been playmates since they were infants, and is considered almost a part of our family. She would always say that when they grow up she and Vito would get married! Of course she is really too young to know what she’s talking about. Well, little girls really start young with the “getting married” thoughts and I blame it on the fairy tales we girls are exposed to at a very young age. Vito, on the other hand, just gives her a blank look whenever she would say that they would “kekkon”, as though he doesn’t hear her, and gets back to playing with his Nintendo 3DS.

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Vito’s 7th Birthday

His real birthday is actually a few days from now, but the family celebrated Vito’s birthday today, Sunday, because his dad is scheduled for out-of-town work. My kids’ birthdays are the only times you would see me cook more than two dishes at a time. I cooked some Filipino dishes like beef caldereta and marinated the pork for our barbecue in skewers. My mom cooked kare-kare and bopis.

I baked Vito’s birthday cake, as I have been doing ever since his 3rd birthday. This year I proudly present a black forest cake which, to my surprise, was very easy to make…It was a four-layer cake, with natilla filling in the middle layer (which is really not supposed to be natilla-filled, but son number 1 requested it). I just really make an effort to bake their birthday cakes because we’re just so fed up with the strawberry shortcakes that are sold in the Fujiya bakeshops!

Not bad for a first try, isn’t it?

For extra, I also baked these carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, just in case we run out of cake for late-coming guests, which is mostly my cousins, aunts, and their families.

Happy birthday Vito! We love you! Oriko shite ne!